Infographic: Indian Spices

Traditional Indian herbs and spices are not only flavorful and colorful culinary additions in many world cuisines, they also play a key and central role in health and healing in herbal medicine systems such as Ayurveda.

More recently, various research and studies are confirming the potential health benefits of ingesting these herbs and spices and/or using them topically as a means of lowering the risk for certain diseases and chronic conditions, as well as treating a wide variety of ailments.  Many of these herbs and spices are thought to aid in digestion, detoxification and weight loss and promote healthy weight maintenance.

One such spice in particular, turmeric, has been receiving a lot of favorable attention recently from the holistic health, natural healing and herbal medicine communities.

This infographic illustrates and briefly describes 10 Indian herbs that already have or quickly are growing in popularity in the West for both their exotic flavors and aromas and their potential medicinal and healing properties:

✿ Cardamom
✿ Cinnamon
✿ Cloves
✿ Coriander
✿ Cumin
Mustard Seeds
✿ Nutmeg
✿ Star Anise
✿ Saffron
✿ Turmeric


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Infographic Source:  Monterey Bay Spice Company
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