Infographic: Ayurvedic Tips for All Doshas

In Ayurvedic medicine, the three doshas represent three fundamental energies that are believed to circulate in the body and govern psycho-physiological (mind-body) activity.

Each individual has a unique combination of all three doshas, with one or two doshas generally being dominant.

This unique combination is thought to make up an individual's distinct physical and mental constitution and is referred to as the "mind-body type".  The three doshas are:

❤ Vata
❤ Pitta
❤ Kapha

This infographic describes a few key characteristics of each dosha type and offers suggestions on what foods to eat and avoid for each type.

To find your dosha type, take The Chopra Center Dosha Quiz.

To learn more about doshas and Ayurveda, please see our Ayurveda Books and Recommended Reading List.

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Infographic Source:  Institute for Integrative Nutrition

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