Infographic: Why Eat the Ugly Apple?

The large, well-shapen, shiny and cheaper apple at the grocery store may be beautiful, and it may look to be nutritious - especially when compared to the smaller, often misshapen apples in the organic produce aisle or at the local Farmer's Market.

But, as this infographic entitled "Why Eat the Ugly Apple?" points out, beautiful in appearance is generally not better for your health.  Not when it comes to apples or other fruits and vegetables.

Conventionally grown produce (and other foods including meat and dairy) often travels hundreds (even thousands) of miles from other states and countries. It can be weeks or even months old by the time it reaches the grocery shelf. It is often laden with preservatives.  In the case of apples, most are waxed and not all wax is safe.

What you can do:

✔ Buy organically and locally grown produce and other food whenever possible
✔ Eat seasonally - i.e., select produce that is currently in season
✔ Learn to read food labels

How to Remove Toxic Apple Wax
Know Your Food Labels - What are you Eating?

Infographic Source:  GrowNYC

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