Infographic: Swiss Chard Health Benefits

Swiss Chard, also known as silverbeet and Roman kale, is part of the Goosefoot (Chenopod) family of plants, together with beets, quinoa and spinach.

Although it has long been a part of the Mediterranean diet, here in the U.S., we are just beginning to discover its many health benefits.

Indeed, Swiss Chard is a powerhouse of nutrition and one of the world's healthiest vegetables.

Like other leafy greens, Swiss Chard is low in calories, high in dietary fiber and rich in phytonutrients (phytochemicals).  It is anti-inflammatory and an excellent source of important antioxidants, including kaempferol (a cardioprotective flavonoid also found in broccoli and kale) and syringic acid, a flavonoid that has blood sugar regulating properties.

Other important nutrients in Swiss Chard include:

❤ Vitamin A
❤ Vitamin C
❤ Vitamin E
❤ Vitamin K
❤ Magnesium
❤ Manganese
❤ Potassium
❤ Iron
❤ Copper
❤ Choline

Infographic Source and more information at:  Step Into My Green World - Health Benefits of Swiss Chard 
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