Infographic: Blueberries, a Handful of Health

There are lots of reasons to love blueberries - one of nature's miracle foods that is at top of every power food, superfoods and superfruits list!

And with good reason: these miniature berries are a nutritional powerhouse that are thought to provide many important health benefits.

Blueberries are also smart choice of individuals on a diet.  They are full of flavor and satisfy a craving for sweets, yet a whole cup only has about 80 calories and contains virtually no fat. As such, blueberries may aid in the weight loss or healthy weight maintenance process.

This infographic entitled "Blueberries, a Handful of Health" illustrates the recent notable increase in consumption of blueberries in North America.

It seems that Americans are paying attention to health and nutrition experts and doctors like Joel Furhman.  Dr. Furhman recommends eating "G-BOM-BS" (an acronym for 6 nutrient-dense foods that promote health and longevity and help prevent disease) every day.  The "B" in "G-BOM-BS" stands for "Berries".

As noted in this infographic, blueberries are:

❤ Full of dietary fiber

❤ Rich in phytonutrients

❤ Packed with vitamin C

❤ An excellent source of manganese

Based on the latest research and scientific studies, blueberries are thought to play a role in the following areas of health:

Cancer risk reduction
Insulin response
Cardiovascular health
Brain health

Fiber for Weight Loss [Infographic]

Infographic source:  U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council

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