Can Pesticides be Rinsed Off?

Did you know that we use 800 million pounds of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides in the United States every year?   How much of these dangerous industrial chemicals are we consuming and can we minimize our exposure by giving them a good rinse?

This 4-1/2 minute video from Dr. Michael Greger explains the impact of eating conventionally grown produce that is laden with pesticides on the health of children, pregnant women, farm workers and their families.

The video also answers the question of whether or not these dangerous chemicals can be rinsed off.

Dr. Greger uses an apple where pesticide levels start out at 100%.  Rinsing washes off a negligible amount - only about 15%.  Peeling the apple eliminates about 85% of the pesticides.  But, in peeling the apple, we also eliminate many of the important nutrients that are found in the skin of fruits and vegetables.  Not to mention that many fruits and vegetables cannot be peeled.

Dr. Greger strongly recommends buying organically grown foods whenever possible.

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