Infographic: Garlic Medicinal Properties Uses

Garlic is one of nature's healthiest foods (considered a superfood) and oldest cultivated plants.  For thousands of years the world over, it has been valued for its medicinal properties and used in various natural healing remedies, both internally and topically.

Garlic is a member of the allium family of vegetables and is related to onions, leeks, scallions, shallots and chives.  It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory across all body systems.  Its unique nutrient composition is thought to (among other things):

✔ Reduce the risk of certain cancers
✔ Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
✔ Prevent hardening of the arteries
✔ Reduce risk of blood clots
✔ Destroy bacteria and viruses
✔ Enhance detoxification

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Infographic Source:  Pharmacognosy's Topics - Medical Plants (Garlic)

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