Infographic: Alkaline Minerals and Foods

This fabulous infographic shows the five alkaline minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and manganese) and the foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and herbs) that are rich sources of these minerals.

Although these essential minerals are available in supplement form, study after study shows that it is best to get them from the right kind of foods.  In fact, recent research indicates that relying heavily or exclusively on certain minerals and vitamins in supplement form may pose health risks.

This appears to be the case with intake of calcium supplements.  Calcium supplements, in turn, are thought to play a role in the depletion of another important mineral, magnesium.

This infographic illustrates some of the best, natural sources of these important minerals:

The Importance of Keeping the Body Acid and Alkaline (pH) Balance
Alkaline and Acidic Foods (Infographic)

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