Infographic: Love Your Booty!

This beautifully illustrated infographic entitled "Love Your Booty!" is a part of the "Love Your Body" Workout Series and spotlights nine exercises to lift, tighten and shape the backside, strengthen and tone the thighs, and burn calories.

The routine can easily be done at home without any equipment other than a pair of dumbbells (required for a few of the exercises).  Some of the exercises have fun names like "Fall in Love", "Forget-Me Not Squat", "Draw Your Heart" and "Beloved Booty Lift".  Cute or fun names aside, the exercises are excellent for sculpting, toning and shaping that butt and those thighs!

The infographic contains pictures and easy to follow instructions and is printable for ease of reference.  To print the infographic as well as watch the video, visit Tone It Up.

Infographic Source:  Tone It Up!

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