Infographic: Healing Herbs and Spices

This beautiful infographic illustrates 16 herbs and spices that are known for their healing properties.

What's more, most of these herbs and spices are already in our pantry, can be grown in our own garden or easily purchased at the grocery store:

✿ Basil
✿ Black Pepper
✿ Cinnamon
✿ Cloves
✿ Cumin
✿ Fennel
✿ Garlic
✿ Ginger Root
✿ Mint
✿ Mustard Seeds
✿ Oregano
✿ Red Pepper
✿ Rosemary
✿ Saffron
✿ Turmeric

A Woman's Healing Herbs

10 Herbs that Heal

Infographic Source:  Unknown (please contact me for credit if you are the creator(s)

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