Infographic: Craving This ... Means You're Missing This ...

This infographic entitled "Craving This ... Means You're Missing This ..." address various food and substance (salt, sugar, caffeine, nicotine) cravings and related challenges, like overeating or a lack of appetite.

It illustrates examples of some commonly craved types or categories of foods and substances, identifies which nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) the body may be missing or needing and offers healthier food options.

Cravings for certain foods (most often junk, fast or processed food) are often what leads dieters to stray from their diets.  Even non-dieters give in to food cravings and disrupt an otherwise healthy eating regiment.

I find this infographic very informative and only wish it offered more plant-based diet options in the healthy alternative column for vegans and vegetarians.

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