Infographic: Alkaline and Acidic Foods

Alkaline and Acidic Foods Infographic from Raw for Beauty
Back in the Spring of 2012, I wrote several articles about the importance of maintaining the body in a slightly alkaline state.  Research and studies indicate that doing so is critical to having optimal health and can even aid in the prevention of cancer and certain diseases.  Food plays an important role in the body's acid-alkaline (pH) balance.

This infographic entitled "Alkaline Foods and Acidic Foods" beautifully illustrates some of the most common alkaline or acid forming foods that are eaten by Americans every day.  Not surprisingly, animal protein (including meat and dairy products), sugar and artificial sweeteners, as well as foods made from refined flour (like cereal) top the acidic food list.   Conversely, most plant foods (vegetables and grasses like cabbage, broccoli, spinach, kale, lettuce, sprouts, barley and wheat grass and peppers) are on the alkaline food list.

Another way to balance the body's pH is to add a small amount of baking soda (which is highly alkaline) to water before drinking it.  However, people taking medications for hypertension should avoid consuming baking soda or only do so under medical supervision as baking soda can raise one's blood pressure.

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