Infographic: 10 Foods You Should Never Eat Again

This infographic depicts 10 foods that a person should never eat if they are concerned about their health.  The 10 foods that made this list are:

1.    White bread, refined flours
2.    Most conventional protein, energy bars
3.    White rice
4.    Conventional frozen meals
5.    Microwaveable popcorn
6.    "Diet" anything
7.    Cured meat products containing nitrates (nitrites)
8.    GMO foods
9.    Soy milk and soy-based meat substitutes
10.  Margarine

White bread is but one type of food made from refined flour.  Many other foods made from refined flour belong on the list including cakes, pastries, doughnuts, cookies, crackers, muffins, croissants and pasta.

I wonder if "most conventional protein" includes red meat, poultry and dairy products originating from animals raised on big factory farms?  I would think so!

Soy milk and soy-based meat substitutes (such as tofu) is actually a widely used plant-based protein source, so long it is organic and not genetically modified.

Curiously, sugar did not make the list!

Source:  10 Foods You Should Never Eat Again
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