Tip of the Day: Dry Brushing Teeth

"Shiny Smile" Photo by jdurham
Brushing teeth with a dry toothbrush before using toothpaste first is believed to be effective in reducing tartar and plague deposits by up to 67%, decreasing gum bleeding by up to 50%, and helping to prevent gum disease. You will also notice the difference immediately: your teeth will feel silky and smooth as though they have been professionally polished and your mouth will feel a lot fresher and cleaner.

Use a soft, dry brush and downward strokes starting from the top of the tooth. Thereafter, gently brush in a circular motion at the gum line. Rinse the toothbrush in hot water, and follow by regular brushing with an appropriate toothpaste.

Tongue scraping is another excellent technique for controling bacteria in the mouth, maintaing good oral hygiene and healthy gums, and an array of other health benefits.

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For additional tips and information on proper dental care, including correct dry and wet brushing techniques, visit the following sites:

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