Panchakarma Journal: Take Aways After Treatment

Buddha Reflecting by Morgan Ellis

After completing a 7 day Panchakarma treatment, I found myself "changed" in some unexpected and interesting ways.  The experience gave me pause and time to reflect on various aspects of my life.  Although up until then, I felt I was already living my best life, during the treatment I had moments of authentic and stark clarity.  In those notable key moments, it was easy to see where I could benefit from a reordering of my priorities and daily routines.

These relatively simple but important, life-changing truths were my take aways immediately following the treatment:

1.   Balance

Strive for balance in all areas (mind, body and soul) on a daily basis.  On any given day, don't go overboard concentrating on one area, while neglecting the other two.  Faithfully following daily routines and rituals that encompass all three aspects restores and maintains a proper and healthy balance.

2.   Inner Wisdom

Look solely and exclusively within for your inner source of personal satisfaction, peace and happiness.  Don't expect to receive these gifts from anyone or anything else, because in so doing you give away your power and will likely end up being disappointed or hurt.  Peace, satisfaction and happiness are inside every individual. 

3.   Unique Constitution

Know and understand your unique physical, mental and emotional constitution (Doshas).   Choose and eat foods appropriate for your particular Doshic makeup, in harmony with nature (the time of day, the seasons) and other Ayurvedic principles.  By keeping your Doshas in balance, you will be physically, mentally and emotionally healthier and and enjoy a greater sense of well-being.

4.    Rest and Sleep

Slow down and stay in the present moment.  Multitasking not only robs you of the richness of each action and experience, but creates tension and stress.  If multitasking is unavoidable, take frequent mini breaks - 5 minutes of quieting the mind, deep breathing and stretching does wonders as does a brief, brisk walk to "clear the head". 

Get adequate rest, including a restorative night's sleep.  During sleep, various mind and body functions and systems heal and rebuild themselves.  This includes eating at least 3 hours before sleep so that the digestive system is not working during sleep.

5.   Spiritual Nurturing

Nurture your spirit on a daily basis according to personal beliefs.  Meditation, prayers, chanting and other forms of devotion allow you to stay connected to the divine in yourself.

6.   Mental Health

Keep external factors in check.  Learn to accept those things that you have no control over.  Refrain from trying to force a situation. 

7.  Invest in Yourself

Instead of investing in frivolous things that only temporarily bring happiness, invest in yourself.  Regular massages, body treatments, facials and similar services aid in healing and rejuvenation, supporting an ideal Doshic balance and restoring and maintaining optimal health.

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