Panchakarma Journal: Dry Skin Brushing

Buddha Reflecting,

One of the most valuable things that I learned during Panchakarma was the importance of dry brushing your skin on a regular (preferably daily) basis.  This simple and easy action, which only takes a few minutes, has many amazing health benefits.


  • It removes dead skin cells and cosmetics, unclogging pores and allowing the skin (our largest organ) to breathe and function properly
  • It improves the skin's critical role in effectively detoxing the body and cleansing the lymphatic system, thereby boosting immunity and aiding in digestion
  • It prepares the skin to better absorb nutrients, such as the healing herbal oils used in Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage)
  • It aids in eliminating toxins during perspiration, dry heat or steam sauna, including Svedhana (Ayurvedic steam bath)
  • It tones and tightens the skin by increasing blood flow and stimulating blood vessels and nerve endings, improving the general appearance of skin
  • It increases circulation to the skin and stimulates cell renewal, growth, repair and healing in underlying, tissues, veins and capillaries - hence, gently dry skin brushing is recommended for cellulite and varicose or spider veins
  • It is thought to help reduce fat deposits, thereby aiding in weight loss
  • Its significant impact on removing metabolic wastes and allowing various organs such as the liver and kidneys to function more optimally is also thought to aid in weight loss

How To Dry Brush

Lightly brush dry skin daily before your bath or shower, beginning with the soles of your feet and work your way up.  Use gentle, circular motions in areas of cellulite or varicose and spider veins.  Otherwise, use long strokes toward your heart, avoiding breasts and the face.

13" Sisal Dry Body Brush
Use a natural bristle brush intended specifically for dry skin brushing.  Select a brush with a long enough (optional: removable) handle so you can get to the hard-to-reach places, like your back.  Replace your brush every 6 or so months.  I like and use the 13" medium texture sisal body brush - pictured and available from Amazon.

Ayurvedic Tip

After dry skin brushing and before your bath or shower, take a few moments to give yourself a gently massage using organic coconut or sesame oil.  These oils will nourish the freshly exfoliated skin.  The shower or bath afterwards will help to eliminate toxins.

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