Pole Dance Fitness - Dancing Away the Pounds

Pole dance is art in vertical motion ~ it is exotic, erotic and very sexy.  It offers the dancer much in the way of personal self-expression and self-transformation ~ as it is known to enhance confidence and self-esteem.  Thankfully, pole dance is growing in popularity and acceptance as a form of fitness training and is attracting women of all shapes, sizes and ages.  Women who have been pole dancing for even a short amount of time have reported amazing positive changes in their physical and emotional health.  Those exciting, positive changes, of course, transcend into other aspects of their lives.  

Most women who begin learning pole dancing are not star athletes.  Regardless of age, many women are overweight and/or out of shape.  Advanced age adds further obstacles, particularly in terms of flexibility and muscle loss.  Because pole dance tricks require a tremendous amount of strength and flexibility, the very idea of it is very daunting to many, whether young or older. 

It is extremely important for every woman who is considering or beginning pole dancing to keep in mind the following three things:

1.  Pole dance can be whatever you want it to be!  Unless you intent to become a professional pole dancer or to compete for titles, you do not have to be able to perform tricks in order to get into shape, feel good about yourself and have tons of fun doing it.

2.  Resist the temptation to compare yourself to others.  There will always be someone else who is more advanced.  You are doing this for yourself and you should go at your own pace and stay safely within your personal comfort zone. 

3.  Pole dance is a very demanding sport.  It requires discipline and hard work.  Your initial abilities and your progress depend on your physical condition, age, weight, medical and other considerations.   Setting your expectations or goals too high will lead to frustration, disappointment and injuries.  Set realistic short-term goals and shower yourself plenty of praise for your progression toward them.  Celebrate each small victory and reward yourself for achieving it! 

Above all, take safety precautions to avoid injuries and just have fun with it!
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