Learning to Pole Dance - Snap, Crackle and Pop in Joints!

If you have recently started pole dancing, you may be hearing various various "snap, crackle and pop" noises in your ankles, knees, hips, back and neck.   Although these noises may not hurt, they can be unsettling.   Are they harmless or an indication of something serious? 

It turns out that the snapping, crackling and popping noises can be perfectly normal (especially taking into consideration one's age) and some medical experts even think that the cracks, snaps and pops may stimulate the nervous system.  But, if the noises are accompanied by pain, swelling, numbness or instability, then they may indicate injuries to cartilage, tendons, muscle tissues and/or other medical conditions.

If the noises are accompanied by any of the aforementioned symptoms, the advice of a health care professional should be sought.  If no other symptoms are present, it is likely that there is no cause for alarm.  If you are not sure, ask your doctor before contuinuing with pole dance fitness. 

It is also likely that with regular exercise, the creaks, snaps and pops will slowly lessen in both number, frequency and intensity. 

If you are just beginning pole dancing (and, particularly if you are a little older), be prepared for your joints to make all kinds of creaking noises!  Pay close attention if there are any other symptoms associated with the creaks and seek medical attention if necessary.  Above all, always be sure to thoroughly warm-up before attempting any moves on the pole to prevent injuries!

Happy and Safe Poling!
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