Fast Absorbing Liquid Calcium for Bone Health

Health experts agree that calcium is vital to building and maintaining healthy bone mass.   According to a report from the Office of the Surgeon General, the bone health status of Americans appears to be in jeopardy.  In that same report, it was estimated that unless a concerted, preventive action is taken, by the year 2020, one in every two Americans over the age of 50 will either have, or be at high risk for developing osteoporosis. 

While the importance of getting the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of calcium cannot be underestimated, it is important to note that vitamin D is critical for the proper absorption of calcium.  In fact, many health professionals believe that the real culprit behind calcium deficiency in the United States is vitamin D deficiency.  Therefore, it is necessary to take calcium and vitamin D in tandem.

There is some disagreement within the health community as to the best sources of calcium and vitamin D.  While some experts argue that vitamin D fortified milk, cheese, yogurt and other calcium-rich dairy products are the preferred source of calcium, certain observational studies and clinical trials indicate that an increased intake of milk and other dairy products may not necessarily be the best source of calcium. 

Many Americans take calcium and/or vitamin D supplements, usually in pill form.  There is, however, an easier, tastier and possibly much more effective way to ensure that you are getting the daily recommended allowance (RDA) of calcium and vitamin D. 

Wellesse, which is manufactured by Botanical Laboratories, Inc. in the United States, is a fast absorbing liquid dietary supplement that is simple and easy to take.  For adults and children over the age of 9 years old, just one fluid ounce serving per day contains only 15 calories per serving and provides:

1000 IU of vitamin D3 (250% of Daily Value)
1000 mg of calcium (100% of Daily Value)
40 mg of magnesium (10% of Daily Value)
190 mg of Phosphorus (19% of Daily Value)
250 mcg of Boron (Daily Value Not Established)

Wellesse has a natural citrus flavor and is quite tasty.  Rather than swallowing large pills or capsules, it is a much more pleasant and easier way to take a dietary supplement.  Because it is in liquid form, it is also thought to absorb more quickly and, thus, deliver the minerals and vitamins more effectively. One 16 fluid ounce bottle contains 16 servings.

Bone Health and Osteoporosis:  A Report of the Surgeon General

Disclaimer: Nothing in this Article is intended or should be construed as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content herein is for informational purposes only. You should consult with and seek the advise of a physician or qualified health professional before taking any supplements, herbs or over-the-counter medicine; modifying, restricting or altering your food, beverage or supplement intake; starting an exercise or diet program; or making any dietary, nutritional, exercise or lifestyle changes in order to determine it is right and advisable for your individual needs.
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